6 Meals A Day Spikes Metabolism? 

The first time I heard this particualar item in a LONG list of nutritional guidline debacles was in a magazine (a very prominent and prestigeous magazine at that).  It was years ago when I first began to really attempt to know what I was doing as far as nutririton goes...


Every since then, up until the begining of last month (September 2013) I'd told myself that I needed to eat at least 6 times a day to keep my metabolism kicking faster...

Now, I know this not to be true...

Why 6 Meals A Day Spikes Metabolism is wrong...



A Carb is A Carb


So… For a very long time, many people have had the belief that there is a such this as a “Good Carb” and a “Bad Carb”.  Recently, I learned a few things about this belief that completely changed the way I think about carbohydrates. When it comes down building muscle and losing weight, a carb is a carb, and there is no such thing as a “Good Carb or Bad Carb”.

Watch the video below and you’ll get the scientific explanation to why the glycemic index is irrelevant to your progress in building muscle or losing body fat.  If you watch to the end, you’ll see how my application of this philosophy has helped me have better progress and enjoy my diet more.


A Carb is A Carb – Video




That’s crazy huh?!?!


A Carb is a Carb Summary

So… What did we learn today about why a carb is a carb?

  1. When the Glycemic Index was first and still is studied, it was done on individuals with insulin deficiencies.
  2. Those individuals hadn’t eaten in 24 or more hours.
  3. They were fed individual carbohydrate sources by themselves.
  4. When any other macro-nutrient (protein or fat) is eaten with carbohydrates, the glycemic index declines tremendously which makes it a non-factor.


Now we know why a carb is a carb and a portion of why it is irrelevant to a persons gains :)


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Just Do It…

Right at 8 months ago, I decided to “Just Do It” and compete in my first bodybuilding competition.  For a REALLY long time I told myself, “I’ll do it one day… I’m not big enough yet.”

Needless to say, once I made the decision to “Just Do It“, I went to my first competition and won both of my classes and earned my right to go and compete in the Super Bowl of amateur bodybuilding – which I just did this past weekend.


Winners Just Do It

In the video below, Art Williams (the man who started Primerica) addresses the 1987 National Religious Board in a speech about how to WIN BIG in business… AND why they should “Just Do It”.

Check it out :)




Just Do It, You won’t Regret it..

Like I said at the beginning of this post… When I decided to “JUST DO IT”, everything changed for me.  It can happen for you too.  Just make the decision now.


-Laz :)

Major GainzBodybuilding Motivation…

It’s easy to find bodybuilding motivation at Metroflex Gym in Houston TX… Just as easy as it is to find ANY type of motivation for any sport or accomplishment that one wants to pursue…

The most important piece to finding bodybuilding motivation, or any other type of motivation is a persons initiative to search for the necessary information they need to find it.

A lot of people say that they are unable to stay motivated, or that they can’t find bodybuilding motivation… Yet, they have failed time and time again to look for the motivation anywhere.

Finding Bodybuilding Motivation…

Here’s a few of the things that help me find bodybuilding motivation.

  1. Watching bodybuilding motivation videos online. One of my favorites is Muscle Prodigy TV.
  2. Reading magazines such as Flex or Muscular Development that contain bodybuilding motivation.
  3. Think about all of the people who are watching me on my journey and how it gives them bodybuilding motivation and they want to change their health/fitness lives.


Bodybuilding Motivation

Bodybuilding Motivation VIDEO…

I was on the stair master the other day, watching someone who inspires the heck outta’ me, and I made the following video talking about finding motivation, ESPECIALLY bodybuilding motivation…

…watch it and let me know what you think in the comments below.




Share this with someone you know that’s needs some bodybuilding motivation :)

I’ll catch you on the next one!



Pocket-468-X-60Pocket-468-X-60New Smoothie D’s Sponsorship

Just about a month ago, my coach Louis Uridel made a blog post on his company blog RX Muscle about becoming a sponsored athlete.  I paid attention to the post and made a few changes in what I was doing.

Yesterday, Derek Tittle (a guy I’ve looked up to in the field of bodybuilding for a long time) called me and offered me a sponsorship with his team :)

I’m proud to announce that I’m now a part of TEAM SMOOTHIE D’s as a sponsored athlete…

smoothie D's







Let me know what you think about the video and share it :)


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See Ya!


Laz Ross

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